STACCO Experience offers the unique opportunity to indulge your passion for exotic cars in the dreamy and relaxing atmosphere of Italy. The package includes several driving experiences, both on track and at the wheel of a professional simulator; all of which is guided by experienced coaches and professional race drivers in order to guarantee you get a personalized and optimized experience. You will find yourself deeply immersed in the racing world, all the while surrounded by the breath-taking views and experiences that are completely off the beaten path – but that only Italy can deliver! The entire trip is composed of specially curated locations that will leave you speechless, and is guaranteed to be one you’ll never forget. This is the ONLY trip of this kind available anywhere, so follow your passions and join us for the next experience.


You are guaranteed to be swept off your feet by these amazing tracks!
In fact, these tracks have heavy historical significance and continue to be used for various competitions, and of course have all the necessary infrastructures. This is an opportunity to fully – yet safely – savour the adrenaline of high speed racing and hugging each corner.
Industry professionals will be with you every step of the way, using their experience and mastery to approach every single detail of the events. All the elements you could ever dream of are right here for you to fully immerse yourself in the world of racing!

Modena Race Track

Located in the heart of the Italian “Motor-Valley,” this new-concept track was inaugurated in 2011. It has 11 glorious corners and 1 or 2 straights (depending on the chosen layout) and is regularly used by main Italian car companies such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Pagani and others, be it for development tests or to train their drivers.



Franciacorta Race Track

Founded in 2006, it’s an establishment with all the characteristics to host tests and races of the highest level. In fact, in recent years, it has achieved approval to host official car and motorcycle races by the F.I.A. (international automobile federation). One of these events happens to be the European NASCAR Series, so there is definitely plenty to pique one’s interest!


There is only one clear choice, without any compromises, and it’s modified exotic Italian sport cars. You will driving of the most beautiful gems of Italian sport technology, with brands that have made their mark on racing history on an international level. There’s more… The cars are all set-up and prepared by teams of professional that regularly do this work for high level racing competitions on national and international scale. It’s difficult to put into words just what it’s like to be behind the wheel of one of these beasts, mainly because you can’t experience them anywhere else. One thing is for sure, it’s something you’ll never, ever forget!

Ferrari Challenge
A car whose reputation precedes it. Ferrari is probably the most famous car company in the world, and it’s the flagship of Italian race cars worldwide —past and present. It is the most successful racing company in the history of racing; winning in all the competitions it has entered, from Formula 1 to the 24 Hours of Les Mans. They always put forth the most advanced technology —on the track and on the road.
This car is a standard derivative developed and approved by Ferrari to participate in the national and world championships of the Ferrari Challenge. Because of this, it has an incredible and very high performance package which is guaranteed to deliver an exhilarating driving experience!
Let’s not forget that all the track sessions are prepared and supervised down to the smallest detail by a team of professionals from the racing world, as well as coaches with international experience, to guarantee the highest quality conditions of your experience.


High-quality hotels and resorts have been selected in order to provide all the comforts and services necessary to make your stay as relaxing and as enjoyable as possible. These incredible hotels are not only immersed in breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, but they also have all the necessary amenities to help you feel pampered in luxury. Among the services included in the package, you will have spa access and treatments as well as the possibility to receive sports treatments for to meet your needs.

In Italy it is easy to encounter a high level of excellence, including sports cars, branded clothes, and historical monuments. Food and wine are easily the most attractive aspects of Italy; it’s a veritable treasure trove of typical products and excellent wines. It should come as no surprise that STACCO Experience aims to expose guests to a renowned selection of restaurants in which you can fully savor all of the Italian aromas and flavors. You will have the opportunity to taste the best of high quality Italian cuisine ranging from the most classic traditional foods to dishes designed to amaze even the most refined palates. One thing is certain: even at the table, you can expect to be blown away.

Palace Hotel Villa Cortine viale C. Gennari, 2 25019 – SIRMIONE


It’s time to dive deeply into the heart of Italian motorsport and the undeniable internationally recognized Italian motorsport tradition.
The tour is specifically designed to experience, hands on, what it means to race on a real track in Italy, where motorsports were born.
Highly qualified professionals will be there every step of the way, to successfully deliver to you the intoxicating adrenaline only four wheels can bring.
On top of that, you’ll be soaking up the beauty and personality of Italy in every single location, meal and accommodation


STACCO Experience proposes other activities in addition to the exceptional racing experiences, that range from various other motorsport adventures to various opportunities to relax and recuperate within the magical Italian ambience.


STACCO Experience always offers guests the opportunity to experience pure adrenaline and not only on the track, but in everything we do together… as long as you’re not afraid to give it some gas! The experience of a car in a different environment really gives you a new perspective. Our complementary driving activities go from rally, flat-track, drifting and others, depending on the availability. Driving this type of car is very different, and it forces you to adapt your technique in order to adjust to both the new terrain and the car. Our coaches will make their experience and driving skills available to you to take advantage of, guiding you the whole way through so you can savor the best that the car can give. In short, the goal is just to have fun!


There are few areas in the world that exude passion for motorsports and for speed on the track as much as the Ferrari gallery in Maranello.
From inside the structure, it’s as if you were literally within beating heart of racing history. Legends like Michael Schumacher, Gilles Villeneuve, Niki Lauda, and ​​Manuel Fangio – all the greatest drivers and engineers who have made the history of track racing and technology – have passed through those walls… In this unique environment, you will be immersed in an extremely rare driving experience, where you’ll find yourself at the wheel of a Ferrari Formula 1 simulator. In addition, you also have access to the expert experience of our race coaches, which makes it even more indescribably magical.


We believe it’s extremely important to feel pampered and take part in unique and special activities. The boat trip on the lake is certainly one of the most evocative. This activity has been selected in order to make it possible for you to discover and appreciate an incredible Italian experience from a privileged point of view, on board of a characteristic boat floating through the blue lake water. You’ll be surrounded by landscapes and castles of breathtaking beauty, giving you the perfect way to disconnect for a moment from the world and appreciate the beauty of nature and the history of these incredible places.


For all travel, you can be assured that only the best and most comfortable means will be used. All flights are first class and included in the package price. Throughout the trip, VIP transportation with a driver is used, including a luxury motorhome with all the comforts and services you need to relax can be found, as well as VIP cars that allow you to enjoy the journey without stress. We aim to make the journey pleasant in every minute detail, so that you won’t even feel like you’re travelling.


You will be experiencing the finest in air travel from your home or desired location to Milano, Italy where the adventure begins. Every detail will be taken care of on your journey, and you can expect first class service all the way through.


Transfers and transportation from one location to another are an opportunity enjoy the landscapes of Italy, spend some peaceful moments together and relax fully. This is why only cars and luxury vans with drivers are used. This choice really gives everyone the chance to recharge completely and stay energized for the adventures and thrills that await them in every location.


Comfort and quality are among the fundamental aspects on which STACCO Experience is based. To make every moment special, only luxury motorhomes have been selected to meet our high demands. The motorhome structures are the perfect hub for the activities on the track; you can find all you need to relax between sessions, you can change in complete peace and privacy, and there are always snacks and drinks at your disposal to refresh and refuel throughout the day


For car lovers, there are few things more exciting than racing with powerful race cars in Italy… and that’s exactly what awaits you here!
Italy has always played a leading role in terms of engines and passion for speed. It was in the beginning of the twentieth century when a very young Enzo Ferrari dreamed of building a car in his garage that could beat the victorious Alfa Romeo in the world championship races. Since then, the technology has progressed incredibly, yet it’s the Italian passion for speed and cars that has been spread worldwide.
This passion, along with the unparalleled ambiance of great food and wine and profoundly interesting culture, will provide you with an exceptionally memorable adventure you will cherish forever. You won’t want to miss it!


Among the sweet valleys and green hills lies the famous areas of ​​Brescia and Franciacorta, unique in Italy and in the world for the production of high quality sparkling wine made with the classic “champenoise” method. Halfway between Milan and Verona, the province of Brescia offers a relaxing and restorative countryside, perfect for recharging after a day of speed on the track.


The Modena area has always been considered the Italian “Motor Valley” as it is home to the leading manufacturers of sports cars around the world such as: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Bugatti, Pagani and Dallara. Close by, in Borgo Panigale, you can also find the headquarters of Ducati motorbikes, and other smaller motorcycle companies. Modena also has an incredible culinary tradition, that is renowned for its fresh pasta and the most famous Italian sauces – a perfect combination just waiting to be savored!


Far from the clichés of Italian tourist attractions, Lake Garda is a gem of northern Italy, which is known for its remarkable beauty. The lake was formed by the movement of ice, and it’s surrounded by gorgeous natural landscapes and mountains, as well as quaint centuries-old villages and castles. Usually only a destination of elite tourism, Lake Garda is a part of Italy that remains fairly unexplored, as if it were cloaked in exclusivity just for you!


Sharing this life-changing experience with someone else is priceless! For precisely this reason, we also offer the possibility of taking a loved one or friend along for this enchanting ride via our “Companion Package”.

The companion package allows you to bring a friend or partner to take this adventure with you.
Your companion can follow the racing experiences step by step: they will participate in the transfers to the tracks, gain entry to the pits, watch the sessions from the edge of the track and access the hospitality truck with all its services.
Those who purchase the companion package can access the same activities as those who bought the main package (i.e.: trips, restaurants, hotels, transport, etc.) apart from the actual racing activities. Arrangements for other minor activities can be made depending upon availability and conditions.